CEDAL: Your Go-To Remedy for Dry Cough Relief and Soothing Throat Comfort

Coughing serves as a natural defense mechanism employed by the body to expel microbes and foreign objects from the airway. A non-productive cough, also termed as a dry cough, is characterized by the absence of sputum production. Various factors can contribute to this type of cough, ranging from infections and allergens to pollutants and asthma.

In children, a dry cough typically manifests with symptoms such as coughing without the presence of mucus or phlegm, a hacking sound that can seem forceful, sensation of tickling in the throat and persistent cough that persists for weeks even after the illness has resolved.

Dry coughs can be distressing for both children and adults alike. While there are various clinical treatments available to alleviate them, many prescribed and over-the-counter medications for cough in children are often ineffective and may pose risks of adverse events. Indeed, while many home remedies are commonly used and believed to be effective in alleviating cough symptoms, not all of them have undergone extensive research to validate their efficacy.

By harnessing the power of nature CEDEM AG Switzerland developed CEDAL cough syrup with natural ingredients sourced from local and global producer. The quality is organic, 100% natural, non-GMO, and alcohol free.

CEDAL cough syrup, our leading product in China and now it stands in US market because of its harmonious combination of Honey and Chamomile, complemented by the essence of Lemon and Strawberry. the choice of materials is always based on experimental scientific studies documented by the most prestigious research institutes and laboratories. CEDAL balanced formula is essential for alleviating the symptoms of dry cough, particularly those associated with dry throat and other irritants.

Honey boasts antibacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants, aiding in reducing inflammation in the throat and providing soothing relief. Its thick texture effectively coats irritated receptors in the throat, alleviating the urge to cough and minimizing persistent nighttime coughing, particularly in children.

Chamomile contains specific flavonoids renowned for their soothing properties, making it an excellent choice for nighttime consumption due to its tranquilizing effects. In cases of cough, cold, and sore throat, chamomile effectively diminishes inflammation, thereby alleviating throat discomfort. Additionally, it promotes restful sleep, further aiding in the recovery process. This is attributed to the infection- and inflammation-fighting properties found in chamomile’s compounds, which aid your body in combatting the underlying illness responsible for the cough.

Indeed, the combination of honey and chamomile, along with other carefully selected ingredients, in CEDAL cough syrup makes it a superior choice for alleviating the symptoms of dry cough associated with various respiratory conditions in both children and adults. With its holistic approach and effective formula, CEDAL stands out as an optimal solution for providing relief from coughing discomfort.


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