Welcome to CEDEM AG, your trusted partner in health and wellbeing. We are an international Swiss privately-owned Nutraceuticals company specializing in the development, marketing, and sale of premium vitamins, food supplements, and minerals. With a commitment to Swiss-quality and innovation, our products are designed to meet the fundamental health needs of men and women, promoting better aging, longevity, and enhanced body performance.

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Martin Schmid, CEDEM AG has a longstanding reputation for producing groundbreaking, high-quality vitamins. In 2016, CEO Rasha Oudeh took the helm, bringing extensive industry experience and a visionary approach to the company. Under her leadership, CEDEM AG has expanded into a multinational enterprise with a diverse portfolio of over 50 products, reaching more than 25 countries across the Middle East, Africa, China, and Vietnam.

Our global presence includes branches in Frankfurt, New York, Amman, and Lagos, allowing us to effectively serve a wide range of markets and meet the unique needs of our partners worldwide. At CEDEM AG, we are dedicated to enhancing global wellbeing through innovative and scientifically formulated health solutions.

Thank you for choosing CEDEM AG. We look forward to supporting your journey to better health and vitality.